DC Supervillain Minifigs – Wave 9

Custom minifig DC Supervillain Minifigs - Wave 9

DC Supervillain Minifigs – Wave 9 – a custom minifig creation by levork

really great custom minifigs based on DC supervillains, personally i’m not a fan of DC comics, i prefer marval, but this isn’t about my choice of comics its about appreciating great minifigs, and the cheetah girl custom minifig really is impressive with its fantastic decal face and torso, i really like it, though it has to be said where are the pointy ears and tail? also i would have loved to have seen this using one of arealights female custom minifig torsos so there was more of a waist to the custom minifig instead of white space. i also have to admit that whilst the other custom minifig have had equal care and attention, i don’t really care much for the designs.

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