Darr’n Clan Dwarves Custom Minifigures

Photo courtesy of Brick Mercenaries

The Darr’n Clan Dwarves are part of a large-scale MOC which will be a Dwarven ruins which includes a grave room, as well as the King of the Dwarves crypt. I wanted to make Dwarves of various clans to use within the ruins. These clan members are from the Därr’n Clan, who practice their own form of magic, and are masters at imbibing their weapons with spells to strengthen, sharpen, and add other powers to them. They tend to use stones as their weapons, but wood for their shields, which are often reflective of the battles they have been in.

These awesome custom minifigures are Dwinrund of the Darr’n Clan, Baryr of the Darr’n Clan, Daltri of the Darr’n Clan and Thorinn the Dwarf. We recommend you check out Brick Mercenaries Flickr page for some better images of the Dwarves.

The added detailing on these minifigures is amazing especially on the shields and axes, and I especially like the use of the skulls. The standard of painting is very high and the painted beards look excellent.