Custom Minifig To Launch Hazel’s Line of minifig products

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I’m Happy to announce that will be launching a small online store to retail Hazel’s amazing creations and any other custom minifig sculptors, designers and decal designers, whilst this is by no means an ambitious or totally commercial endevour, I decided to do this to help support and promote minifig customization.

The custom minifig store is being produced as we speak and should be up and running before the month is out.

so keep your eyes on the site because we’ll be doing all sorts of competitions and prize draws!

Hazel Fantasy - More New Custom minifig parts1 Gears of war lego minifig

5 thoughts on “Custom Minifig To Launch Hazel’s Line of minifig products

  1. Yep thats correct,, will be the UK distributer of Hazel’s/Amazing Armory products, in the UK, mainly due to logistics, language and culture, I am from Hong Kong, so I can speak the language and understand how to do business out there, so we basically agreed it would be easiest for, to help amalgamate and ship out orders to consumers.

  2. ^Heh, as would I! Really, let us know. I live in the U.S, but would be happy to make a purchase.

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