custom minifig hardsuit Russian Love

custom minifig hardsuit Russian Love by Chewk

(custom minifig hardsuit Russian Love by Chewk)

As I’ve previously mentioned, after a weekend where all the custom minifig modders seemed to have gone to sleep, I’ve decided we should include other Lego MOCs, not jsut custom minifigs, owever naturally this site is about custom minifigs and this will still be core, but anyways, heres a cool Hardsuit, in minifig scale, that actually has a minifig inside, suffice to say it looks impressive, the gray bricks actually add to its look, and the green stickers seem to work well as a colour combination. The weapon is pretty impressive, but the one thing that lets it down a little is that you can see the minifig inside…probably something that could be fixed with a few tweaks.

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  1. Just letting you know, I fixed the gap you mentioned where you can see the minifig. Should I replace the picture you have on flickr, it should be replaced here.

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