Custom minifig Ghostbuster Lego accessories

Brickforge has made these custom accessories that look very Ghostbuster-esq, they are totally compatible with Lego minifigs and look supurb, the finish and design is really well though out, although the quality of plastic isn’t as good as Lego, but a lick of paint would sort that.

4 thoughts on “Custom minifig Ghostbuster Lego accessories

    1. I Agree the quality is high, not Lego plastic, but close enough, its not cheap plastic, this being said i would still think painting is a good idea, only because I like to paint them rather than these custom parts actually needing a lick of paint.

  1. ^Oh my, armothe himself, here on custom minifig. I think the plastic is pretty great, didn’t know it wasn’t ABS plastic, still all the products are great, we will have a review for the new products soon, when I get my package.

  2. We do use ABS, like LEGO, but they add some unknown ingredient making the plastic quite dense causing light to reflect differently. We’ve spent countless hours trying to match colors and began to realize its not necesarily the dye but the ingredients of the ABS itself. Still, I think we do an okay job for just two average AFOL blokes.

    And while I don’t think our pieces need paint I can certainly agree it is certainly fun to add details to them with a brush!

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