custom minifig big update

ok so rather than putting out multiple posts, heres a big update.

first, here we have someone whose actually taken the lego collectors minifig spartan and actually put together a set of 300 lego minifig spartans…now for the opposing army…whos going to try that?

next an awesome scene from the matrix, again masses of identical minifigs have been used, really cool.

new armor and shields from Hazel amazing armory, the real amazing armory, very futuristing very cool, the new armor is really awesome.

Lego digital camera, really cool, from i want one of those, makes a good xmas present. see it here

wicked minifig alarm clocks, super cool, see them here

Lego minifig storage heads, now fill them with lego minifigs…lol, see them here.

Lego brick storage boxes in a variety of sizes, nice idea, but no minifig, still good for the lego fan, see it here