custom made minifig spear

custom made minifig spear by shmails

(custom made minifig spear by shmails)

Have a look at this Japanese samurai custom minifig, the armour is brilliant and is totally cutom made, making it more flexible than the Lego samurai armour, additionally the spear is brilliant, its really a work of art, custom made from various lego parts and partially painted, it really looks the part.

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4 Responses to custom made minifig spear

  1. Christian says:

    can you send me templates fro the armour please its awesome and i want to make a small army of them!

  2. Reicheru says:

    Wow that really is brilliant! I love the armour especially, and the spear fits in brilliantly with the rest of the design. Well done!

  3. anthony says:

    woww nicely done! very affective! awsome custom minifig. please send template to me(: thanks

  4. dawson says:

    please tell me how yow made minifig

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