custom brickarms minifig guns by moobmaister6

custom brickarms minifig guns by moobmaister6

(custom brickarms minifig guns by moobmaister6)

There is a whole movement is minifig customization and in the Lego community about customizing weapons, these custom weapons are modifications of brickarms minifig weapons, however there are other minifig weapon modifications that use only standard Lego parts, and even more impressive there are modders who will make custom lifesize MOCs of weapons in Lego.

These minifig scale custom weapons however are really well customized and they look very well done, with only a handful of small errors.

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14 Responses to custom brickarms minifig guns by moobmaister6

  1. JayX says:

    i like the scope on the M1 Garand and the butt on the shotgun. very impressive work

  2. Piet says:

    Cool guns i want it

  3. roman says:

    how do u make these gun?:

  4. DANZO says:

    I really like da scope on da Garand, how the heck did u do it?

  5. DANZO says:

    I think da most impressive of all dem is the tommy gun, is it for sale?

  6. LEGO m says:

    I have that one too.

  7. LEGO m says:

    next submit the modern warfare 2 guns

  8. Chuckles says:

    I like the glock 18 a lot i ve benn searching for it for a while is there any wa to buy one

  9. Jacques says:

    For those wandering, they’re all customised guns made from guns purchased at this site.

    All the parts used seem to be from other guns purchased, cut off and glue on for a mix and match. Such as the tommy gun front handle is clearly taken from a pistol alike of the one next to it.

  10. jake says:

    My brothers birthday is coming up. can i buy those because thats all he wants.

    • your best best is to go to, as they stock brickarms but the ones you mentioned are custom so it’s unlikely they’ll have those exact ones.

  11. COOL guns i want to buy them…

  12. connor the man says:

    that awesome

  13. justin perry says:

    Where did you get them ?

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