CombatBrick Projectile Wave

The Projectile Wave is a range of World War II and Modern Warfare grenade and rocket launchers compatible with all LEGO minifigures using high quality injection molded ABS plastic and made by CombatBrick.

CombatBrick Spear Anti-Tank Misslie Launcher

The collection includes the Spear Anti-Tank Misslie Launcher, WWII German Panzerfaust Antitank Weapon, WWII German Panzerschreck Antitank Rocket Launcher, M79 Grenade Launcher Thumper, Mortar Set, AT-4 Anti-Tank Launcher, SMAW Rocket Weapon, CB36 Grenade Launcher, XM25 Burst Grenade Launcher, RPG-7 v2 and Spear Anti-Tank Missile Launcher.

CombatBrick Mortar Set

You can buy the full Projectile Wave by CombatBricks at now.