CombatBrick Body Armor and Gear

CombatBrick Body Armor and Gear in Military Green

Well know for their high quality injection molded ABS plastic guns which are compatible with all LEGO minifigures CombatBrick have just released a new range of body armor and gear so your minifigs are ready for action.

Wave 1 consists of an 8 piece collection available in Black, Military Green and Dark Tan. They are Juggernaut Body Armor, Plate Carrier Body Armor, Vest With Mags and Camelbak Hydration Pack, Special Forces Plate Carrier Vest, Reversable Vest with PMags, Tactical Vest, Tactical Belt With Holster and Tactical Backpack.

The detailing is excellent on all these pieces and it is great that they are expending their range of products.

Check out the full range by CombatBrick at now.