Collector Lego custom minfigs

Collector Lego custom minfigs
Collector Lego custom minfigs by ζαρ

now this is really news –
16 collectable and official custom minifigs from Lego, only avaliable from Legoland (no news on which Legolands though). These minifigs will only be available for two months, after which time they will be replaced by another set of 12 minifigs.
the first set of minifigs is made up of:
# Caveman
# Cheerleader
# Clown
# Adventure-dude
# Crash Test Dummy
# Diver
# American Indian
# Magician
# Ninja
# Doctor/Nurse
# Robin Hood / Forestman
# Robot
# Emo Boy
# Astronaut
# Lucha Libre / Superhero
# Zombie

seriously, if anyone can get me 2 sets of these, they won’t regret it!

2 thoughts on “Collector Lego custom minfigs

  1. Are you SURE that this is a set of actual minifigs that Legoland will sell?

    Its just that i got an email form Legoland Windsor (as I;m and annual pass holder) with this picture in it, asking me to vote on which was my favourite to turn into a minifig collector BADGE (hence the round picture that each one is in)

    it says “we need your help to decide which ones to produce by choosing your favourite” “the top badges chosen will be made next season for you to collect”

    What’s your source that these will be turned into minifigs and not badges? I would LOVE to stand corrected by you, as I will then be there on opening day in March and get a set!

  2. TBH, there’s no firm news on this i’ve managed to get more info from the following sources:

    at the moment its all really rumors, and you know how tight lipped lego can be, i’ll be calling a few contact i have to try get the low down, but even bribes have failed…you’re right though, if these rumors DO turn out to be real, i’m gonna be making a special trip to get several bags of these!

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