Clone Raider custom minifig

Clone Raider custom minifig
Clone Raider custom minifig by Andromula

I like the plain grey paint job on this custom minifig, as it brings out the masked face and gives the minifig an urban combat feel, it would be cool to have a hint of black camo but it still looks pretty good, the real unique part of this custom minifig however isn’t the standard lego parts, but the chest piece which has been modified to have two clips which attach a grenade and binoculars, the weapon is a custom job on a brickarms part and fits in will with the overall look.
here’s the back story on the minifig which is actually pretty good:

After a massive increase in crime on the City – planet of Coruscant. A new type of clone was devised to keep the streets safe. Introducing the Clone Raider! With a 36 Channel radio pack, advanced sight binocs, a thermo-electric stun grenade, and the ACS Auto Shotty, this clone will stop at nothing to keep the city safe!

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