Clone Army Customs Weapons

Clone Army Customs is run by Tyler who is a huge Star Wars fan and started making minifigures for his stop motion films, but when he saw all the different kinds of Clone Troopers he had to make them all, as well as the guns and helmets. All of these guns are available in either Black or Chrome and created specifically for LEGO minifigures using high quality injection molded ABS plastic.

Clone Army Customs Wave 1 Weapons

Commando Launcher
Commando Sniper
Rex Pistol
Scuba Rifle

Clone Army Customs Wave 2 Weapons

Arc Blaster
Commando Blaster
Commando Pistol
Concept Pistol
Droid Blaster
Fett Pistol
Rocket Launcher
Star Corps Pistol
Trooper Blaster
Trooper Rifle

Update your Clone Troopers with these amazing guns from Clone Army Customs now!