Christo Custom Minifigures Series 2

Christo is well known for producing a range of extremely high quality custom minifigures, and we are pleased to be able to showcase his latest collection. All Christo’s custom minifigures are machine printed and are of the highest quality, and many of them actually look better than LEGO releases.

The Flash Custom Minifigure

DC Super Hero The Flash is in my opinion the best ever custom minifigure. The 360 degree printing is awesome and the Lightning Bolts on the helmet are custom made. If you collect Super Heroes minifigures then this is will be a show piece in your collection.

Spider Man Custom Minifigures

Christo has released a range of Spider Man Custom Minifigures including Venom, Spider Man Edge of Time, Future Foundation Spider Man and Carnage.

The Hulk Custom Minifigures

Choose between The Green Hulk or The Red Hulk. You can buy Christo custom minifigures at

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