Christo Custom Minifigures Jan 2017 Wave

Christo Custom Minifigures Jan 2017 Wave

The first wave of Christo custom minifigures for 2017 sees 5 releases. They are from left to right: Spiderman 2099, Spiderman Symbiote, Aragnidome Spiderman, Batsman and Green Lantern Hall Jordan.

Spiderman 2099, Aragnidome Spiderman, and Batsman are new designs and look fantastic. Spiderman Symbiote is just a white version of his old Spider-Man 2099 design and Green Lantern Hall Jordan is an updated version with a LEGO hair piece rather than the custom one it had.

Limited to just 50, which is an increase from last years 40, these minifigures come in a plastic case with a numbered collectors card, and are in huge demand and hard to find!

The most popular of this wave has been Batsman which isn’t surprising considering the recent release of the LEGO Batman movie.

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