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Captain Batman Custom Minifigure

Captain Batman Custom Minifigure

This Captain Batman Custom Minifigure is a fantastic high quality pad printed minifigure by SoCal Minifigures and follows on from their Cosmic Spider-Man custom minifigure.

He features a double sided printed head and torso and comes with a printed black LEGO Batcowl with the letter B. He comes with 2 accessories which are a LEGO Batarang and custom made Bat piece.

Red Hood Gang Custom Minifigures

They have also released a pad printed Red Hood Gang Custom Minifigure which looks perfect with the LEGO Red Hood minifigure from The LEGO Batman Movie minifigure introduced in 2017 as one of 20 collectable minifigures released in the movie’s Minifigures series.

Buy these latest custom minifigures by SoCal Minifigures while stocks last.

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Cosmic Spider-Man Custom Minifigure

Cosmic Spider-Man

This Cosmic Spider-Man custom minifigure is from a brand new vendor called SoCal Minifigures who had the help of Muddy River Minifigs for his debut release.

Blue Cosmic Spider-Man Custom Minifigure

Available in Blue or Dark Blue this high quality pad printed custom minifigure features a double sided head, front and back torso print and printed arms.

Dark Blue Cosmic Spider-Man Custom Minifigure

When a lab accident granted Spider-Man the Uni-Power, his costume was cosmically changed into the Captain Universe outfit by the Uni-Power. This form gave him incredibly enhanced senses, strength, speed, flight, and limited telekinesis.

You can buy both these Cosmic Spider-Man Custom Minifigures at now.

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