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SW Rebel Pilot Helmets

These SW Rebel Pilot Helmets are hugely popular and are digitally printed on custom molds by The FST Custom Design team.

Each helmet is printed on 3 sides and you can choose from the Helmet of Red Eight, Zal Dinnes, Helmet of Red leader, Garven Dreis, and the Helmet of the ill-fated Y-Wing pilot Davish “Pops” Krail. 

The design is directly printed on to the LEGO helmet for a perfect and play resistant finish, no horrible stickers or vinyl, just pure printed awesomeness.

Shop these SW Rebel Pilot Helmets by FST Custom Design now.

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SIDAN Summer Releases


SI-DAN have just release a fantastic range of LEGO compatible bodywear, helmets and guns which are an ideal compliment for any one looking to make custom minifigs. The range is perfect for war or police themes.

SIDAN Weapons

These new multicolour minifigure guns feature over molded plastic and look fantastic.

Check out the full summer range by SI-DAN now.

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Minifig.Cat Minifigure Gear Packs

If you looking for some cool minifigure military or police accessories then Minifig.Cat have released a range of gear packs for your S.W.A.T team, Jungle Sniper, Navy Seal or Police Tactical Unit.

Each pack contains a range of essential pieces including helmets, tactical vests, utility belts, gas masks, night goggles and guns plus much more.

Just add some plain minifigures and a touch of imagination and you will soon have a collection of custom minifigure to impress your friends.

The packs are:

You can buy these packs for your reseller now.

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BrickForge Masks

The BrickForge Tactical Helmet offers state-of-the-art protection including rounded skull base and upper front lip area. What is really exciting is the new design goes a step further and has a shaped area for standard visor attachments. So now you can connect these exclusive visor and mask pieces.

This BrickForge Apoc Mask gives a doomsday survivor an effective way to combat post-det radiation, biological agents and other airborne, toxic substances. The Apoc Mask may not provide protection against an actual meltdown, but it will give your minifigures the intimidating look they need against their enemies.

The BrickForge Ballistic Mask is part of your personal protection gear made in a way to protect the face from explosives, shrapnel and other such ballistic threats. The Ballistic Mask snaps directly onto our Tactical Helmet so you can pose your minifigures engaging in a mini-shootout or avoiding simulated explosive rounds on the battlefield.

The BrickForge Gas Mask forms a sealed cover to protect your minifigure from inhaling harmful dusts, fumes, vapors, and toxic gasses. Whether your staging an urban riot or post-apoc display.

See the full range of BrickForge masks and helmets at FireStarToys now.

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Arealight Helmets Wave 5 Sneak Preview

If you are a fan of custom Star Wars pieces then you will probably already own something from Arealight. Known for producing high quality printed custom designs their range includes Clone Trooper helmets, Mando helmets, Hair pieces, Jet Packs, Twi’lek heads, and Female torso’s.

We are really excited to be able to show you a sneak preview of the latest batch of helmets – Wave 5, and these are not released until next week! All of these helmets are based off the Clone Wars or Extended Universe.

The Blue 501st helmet is based of a 501st ARF Trooper and inspired by Boomer from the Clone Wars Games, Kix from Season 4 Clone wars Umbara Arc and a 501st AT-RT trooper (ARC Heavy Gunner). The helmet sports a crisp blue printing on the sun visor a long with a line down the center. There is also a bit of blue and black detail print for the face details. This is a great helmet and nicely designed.

The Kix Helmet has blue printing around the visor and on the back details of the helmet. It is printed onto a Commander helmet, but since it has an open visor, there is a white gap between the head and the blue print.

The 501st AT RT Helmet is a very hard helmet to print however we think they have done a really good.  There are a few print issues, like the eyes not being fully covered and the top visor having a bit of white, however we still think its a great piece to have.

The Shadow Clone Trooper Helmet is one of our favourites and has a silver and gunmetal print. The detailing on the side is a gunmetal colour while the face details and the markings around the fin are silver.

The Fox Helmet  looks really good however there has been printing problems when doing white onto dark colours. Some of the helmets are off white however this helmet still looks great.

Finally the Shadow Airborne Trooper Helmet is another silver and gunmetal print.These two colours go great on black and the printing is perfectly aligned with the grooves as well.

For an in-depth review and more images of these fantastic Wave 5 helmets visit Arealight Customs and there online shop.

The new designs looks awesome and are limited edition so don’t miss out, and if you live in the UK they will be available online soon from your official Arealight reseller.

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