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SIDAN Summer Releases


SI-DAN have just release a fantastic range of LEGO compatible bodywear, helmets and guns which are an ideal compliment for any one looking to make custom minifigs. The range is perfect for war or police themes.

SIDAN Weapons

These new multicolour minifigure guns feature over molded plastic and look fantastic.

Check out the full summer range by SI-DAN now.

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Minifig.Cat Minifigure Gear Packs

If you looking for some cool minifigure military or police accessories then Minifig.Cat have released a range of gear packs for your S.W.A.T team, Jungle Sniper, Navy Seal or Police Tactical Unit.

Each pack contains a range of essential pieces including helmets, tactical vests, utility belts, gas masks, night goggles and guns plus much more.

Just add some plain minifigures and a touch of imagination and you will soon have a collection of custom minifigure to impress your friends.

The packs are:

You can buy these packs for your reseller now.

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BrickWarriors Demon Pack 2012

BrickWarriors have yet again released a pack full of amazing LEGO compatible pieces. Targetted at fans of the new The Lord of the Rings LEGO sets the Demon Pack includes armour, shield and axes. So whether you are hunting Hobbits or Orcs update your minifigures now.

Photo courtesy of Thrashq4g

The new pieces look fantastic and are:

Demon Helmet (NEW)
Demon Armor (NEW)
Demon Shield (NEW)
Crescent Axe (NEW)
Battle Damaged Skull Crusher
Minotaur Head
Assassin Mask
Dervish Blade
2 Crescent Horns (white)
Spike (white)

All items except the Crescent Horns and Spike are in the new charcoal colour. Also includes a collectors card with front and back printing.

If you live in the UK they will be available online soon from your official BrickWarriors reseller.

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Tiny Tactical Sneak Preview

Tiny Tactical are well know for Military inspired pieces including Army Vests, Guns, Ammo, Radio’s, and Helmets. We thought we would give you a sneak peak of some of their new releases which are due out shortly.

Tiny Tatical New Pouches and IR LED. TinyVIP IR LED – with clear plastic lens, Frag pouch and 40mm pouch. Note: RRV Vest has been modified with top plate cut out and front panel sides have been tapered. Also the flap on the admin pouch was shaved to allow the frag and 40mm pouch to mount flush.

Tiny Tactical M4A1 Silencer. New silencer for TTM4A1. Watch with coloured face and clear plastic lens, and Combat knife. Note: RRV Vest has been modified with top plate cut, our original design was like this, but we added a neck plate in for durability and manufacturing.

These will all be available online from your official Tiny Tactical reseller.

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eclipseGrafx Custom Trench Coats

eclipseGrafx has just released this excellent CapeMadness Trench Coat which is available in a range of different styles depending on what you need.

These Trench coats are designed to fit comfortably onto your minifigure and you do not need to remove the arms in order to put one of these on, which is good as LEGO pieces can become slack. All you have to do is simply slide it over the arms with the arms posed towards the back and then swing the arms to the front and you are all done.

These coats come in an assortment of colours and prints – 16 in total!

Visit eclipseGrafx’s site now.

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