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Retro Gaming LEGO Printed Tiles

The FST Design Team have just released these awesome printed Retro Gaming LEGO tiles.

Complete your games room with our latest custom print retro console systems! Choose from the Brickstation , BES, Brickcube, Classic Xblox , and the Bricktendo DS.

Each design is UV Digitally printed onto an official LEGO tile.

Check out the full Retro Gaming Tiles by Firestar Toys now.

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Micro Joes Collectibles

Micro Joes are a new brand of small compatible toys for LEGO minifigures. They fit perfectly in a LEGO hand and are the brainchild of Lemon Scented Ninja (Craig Kyle) and Brick Arms.

Each Timed Edition Collector Cabinet has 4 drawers and contains 20 tanks and 4 semis all in vivid colours. The design of the tanks and semis are clean and unique and are pitched at being “toys for your toys”. They say big things come in small packages! You can also get a smaller box with two airplanes.

These toys by Micro Joes are a truly unique idea and they already have big plans for a Wave 2! Some of the colours such as coral and turquoise will be pretty rare and they also have ones that light up in the dark!

Be sure to check out Micro Joes now!

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Custom Printed Food & Drink Packs

The team at FST have just created a brand new range of accessory packs in awesome new packaging .

These packs will not only save you the time of going through thousands of products to build a collection of similar items, you will also save BIG with huge discounts on individual item prices!

With so many great accessories in easy-to-purchase packs, you’re bound to find a host of great accessories that you never imagined stumbling upon!

Each set comes in their own unique, custom-packaged blister packs so you can add an assortment of their great pieces to your collection in one easy package!

Check out the full range of Custom Printed Packs now.

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LEGO Hair Range

LEGO Hair Range

When asked for advice on creating custom minifigures we always recommend to start with the hair first. There are fewer options than heads or torsos, so getting this right is very important. Fortunately, Firestar Toys stock over 700 styles, so whether you need a clean cut bob, an awesome Afro or a wild warrior ponytail – they have got you covered!

Check out all the parts at Firestar Toys now.

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LEGO Money Packs

Firestar Toys print studio now have their own digital printer and they plan to produce a range of minifigure accessory packs. They are beautifully packed, so they will make awesome gifts for any LEGO fans you know! The design is directly printed on to the LEGO pieces for a perfect resistant finish.

Firestar Toys British Pound Notes Pack

The British Pound Notes Pack contains 3x £20 Note, 1x £10 Note, 1x £5 Note, and 5x £50 Note. Even the Queen has had a LEGO make over!

Firestar Toys US Dollar Notes Pack

The US Dollar Notes Pack contains 5x $100 Note, 3x $50 Note, 1x $10 Note and 1x $5 Note.

The packs are good value containing 10 tiles in varying denominations, so whether you are building a bank robbery or shop these will fit seamlessly into your build.

You can buy these LEGO Money Packs at Firestar Toys now.

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