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Juggernaut Custom Minifigure Tutorial

This Juggernaut Custom Minifigure by Tuminio is a fantastic Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 inspired minifig. We have featured a couple of Tumino’s recent work and he has set out a step by step tutorial on how to make this amazing Juggernaut minifigure.

Juggernaut Tutorial 1:

1. Get a lid off a bottle like in picture (eg. spray paint bottle, can be any colour)
2. Cut into piece like in picture.
3. Wrap the edge with sculpey.
4. Use a piece of armor (this case I use armor from BrickTW, the castle armor can be used as well)
5. Cut the font torso and back of the armour and attach into other armor.
6. The shoulder armor is space marine shoulder armor, can be replaced by LEGO visor or helmet (depends on peoples taste) attach the cut pieces to the armor, then when it is dry, remove the unnecessary sculpey and you get like in the picture.
7. Cut another piece from bottle lid for the front armor piece and attach to the armor like in picture, use hairdryer to speed up the process.

Juggernaut Tutorial 2:

8. Cut a piece like in second picture if you don’t have the piece in the first picture, it is the ork shoulder armor off warhammer 40k, can be get from Ebay for few pounds.
9. Attaching this piece in front and 2 sides (total 3)
10. Important parts: space marines accessories, can be also get from Ebay for a few pounds, then cut in pieces like in the picture.
11. Attach to the armor, the back of armor can be attached anything you like.
12. Start painting by death angel blue for base and then dry brushing by boltgun metal.
13. After few retouching with some colour layers and in details, use clear acrylic paint to protect surface, then you get the result!

Fantastic tutorial!

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Custom Curly Hair Sculpting Process

If you cannot find the hairpiece you are after for your custom minifigure then create your own. This fantastic guide by tomleech goes into great detail and is definitely worth a read:

I sculpt in kneadatite and I like to get a good smooth coverage (without fingerprints) the right shape before I start adding detail. I find oil helps with this (olive oil, vegetable oil etc.)

I also have a few different tools:

The metal one I use for general shaping and cutting, the ‘angle chisel’ for doing sharp lines in hair (joker, two face, my own fig etc.) and the ‘taper point’ I use to poke the hair to get the dimples where a curl is.

This is pretty much how I do it, dimpling and adding depressions to join the dimples together, looking for partings/higher and lower areas etc.

I also created a tool from taking the impression of the back of this hair which I press all over the smooth hair to give me some wavy impressions to start with, although this pretty much just gives a bit of texture rather than making curly hair, as you imagine it should do (possibly because it’s such a small amount to work from and it repeats too quickly).

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Custom Lego Painting Guide

If you are new to Lego customisation or you just want to advance your skills then this Custom Lego Painting Guide by Geoshift who is without doubt one of the top Lego Minifig customisers on Flickr is a must read:

What paints do you use?

Acrylics only, no enamels. Acrylics are water-soluble, so they mix and wash-up easily. There are a LOT of different paints on the market and no single brand will be favored by everyone. I actually use a variety of brands, depending on what I’m doing, certain colour needs, etc.

On the more expensive side:
Citadel, P3, Testors (for military colors), Vallejo

Cheaper brands:
Folkart, Americana, Apple Barrel

Do you thin your paints?

Yes, always. The ratio depends on the paint in use (some are thicker than others right out of the jar) and how many coats you want to use. You can thin Acrylics with water. A couple brands also offer acrylic thinner or mixing medium, which is intended to mix even more smoothly. When in doubt, go thin. Nothing will ruin a custom part quicker than thick globs of paint.

Do you mix your paints?

Sometimes, but not always. You basically have to finish that part in one sitting, or use a wet palette if you are mixing.

How about primer?

Yes, you almost always want to prime your parts before painting – especially larger items like armor, vests, helmets, etc. I will sometimes skip the primer on the smaller parts, like certain weapons, but always use it on larger parts.

Citadel Black spray is my favorite for priming (or white if you are working with brighter colors). I’ve heard of some people who use brush-on primer, but I’ve never tried that.

How about sealer?

Yes, always. If you spend this much time working on something, you want it to last. Sealer should be the last thing you do to your custom, painted parts before they are complete. I recommend an acrylic matte finish, but some people use gloss for certain things (it is supposed to protect better). I personally don’t want a “shiny” look on finished parts.

Another option is to use a gloss coat, allow to dry, then apply a flat coat for “maximum protection without the shine” (sounds like a commercial!), but I usually just stick with flat sealer only.

Any other tips?

Take your time and be patient. A good custom isn’t done in 10 minutes. The basic order of operations is primer, paint, detail, more details, wash and\or dry-brush, sealer, done!

Written by Geoshift. Have any questions? Feel free to post them on his Flickr page.

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How To Make Custom Minifigures Using Water Slide Decals


This is a great tutorial video by LegoBoyProductions on how to make Custom Minifigures using A4 Inkjet Water Slide Decal Paper. I know some of you just use printer labels, but to get a great finish Water Slide Paper is great and not that much more expensive.

The video shows you where to source the minifigure decals from, how to customise them, what supplies your will need, how to prep your minifigure, and then stick the decal onto the minifigure.

A4 Inkjet Water Slide Decal Paper can be bought online at Amazon UK and Ebay UK and in the USA at

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Lego head decal guidelines

Lego head decal guidelines
Lego head decal guidelines by 5p8c3 (aka Capt. Kirk)

This is a really well put together guide to lego heads, its not official but seems pretty accurate, pretty useful if you plan to make your own custom Lego decals to go on custom minifigs.

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