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BrickWarriors Bandito Fiesta Pack

Photo courtesy of Thrashq4g

There were only 10 of these BrickWarriors Bandito Fiesta Packs made. Each pack includes a different coloured swirl prototype sawn-off shotgun and the rest of the pieces will be different colours to match each sawn-off gun.

The details of the pack are:

PROTOTYPE Sawed-off Repeater
Buffalo Rifle
Six Shooter x2
Bowie Knife

The custom Mexican minifigure looks very cool, and if you manage to get one of these packs let us know. We are sure if there is enough demand we shall see some of these pieces appearing at your official BrickWarriors reseller.

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Brick Warriors Royal Knight Pack 2012

BrickWarriors have been busy again and have just released a new collection of Knight inspired LEGO compatible pieces including two helmets, axe, mace, sword, armour and an amazing shield.

Made from solid ABS plastic (the same LEGO uses) these are really high quality and will look great with your custom minifigures especially if you are a LEGO Kingdoms, Castle or The Lord of the Rings fan.

The new pieces look fantastic and are:

Jousting Helmet (NEW)
Horned Plate Armor
Ranger Helm (Tan)
Greaves (NEW)
Tower Shield (NEW)
Hammerpick (NEW)
Gladiator Axe
Spiked Mace
Assassin Dagger

(All items except the Ranger Helm are in the new charcoal colour)

If you live in the UK they will be available online soon from your official BrickWarriors reseller.

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BrickWarriors Interview

When it comes to creating LEGO compatible accessories and minifigures BrickWarriors need no introduction, and we were delighted when one of the most talented custom creators and founder Ryan Hauge agreed to be interviewed.

What made you decide to start manufacturing custom designed pieces?

It was a childhood dream, really. I mean, when I was a child I didn’t think to myself, “I’m going to own a small business where I design and sell LEGO minifigure compatible pieces,” but I was always dreaming up new minifigure accessories that I wished LEGO would create.

While I was in college I had a lot of free time and my LEGO collection was back at home, so I decided to get a CAD (computer aided design) program and try to actually design some of the items that I had dreamed about as a child. My first designs really weren’t very good, but with hours and hours of practice I was able to learn how to do the designs that you see in production today.

When I graduated from college my options were to find a job in the corporate world or start a business where I get to do what I love and design minifigure accessories all day. The choice was easy.

Where do you get your inspiration from for new designs?

Inspiration can literally come from anywhere I look. Some designs might be based loosely on video games or movies, while others can just be based on an image I come across on Google images. On the BrickWarriors forums our fans are always posting ideas for items they would like to see, so that’s always a good place to turn to for inspiration as well.

A lot of the pieces that we’ve already released, such as the Minotaur Head, were pieces that I always wanted in LEGO form as a child. Sometimes the best way to think of new pieces is to sit down and think about all the crazy pieces I had dreamed of having many years ago.

Describe the process needed to create a new piece?

Once I have an idea of what I want to create, I’ll search for lots of pictures of it on Google images and try to see it from all angles. Sometimes I’ll just have one or two angles to work with if the thing I want to create is obscure, but the more angles I can find the easier is it to design the piece.

Once I’m happy with the pictures I have, I’ll open up my CAD program and start designing. For most weapons the design process usually only takes a few hours, but for helmets and armor it can take anywhere from about 5 to 20 hours for a single design.

The finished designs get sent to a manufacturer to cut the designs into big blocks of steel. A few months later, I get real, solid, ABS (the same plastic LEGO uses) samples of the pieces that I designed. That is by far the most exciting part of this job!

The samples usually aren’t all perfect, so I’ll tell the manufacturer what needs to be fixed, and then I’ll get samples of the fixed products. This process continues until the products are perfect and ready for mass production.

What are your favourite pieces?

My favorite pieces are ones that I haven’t released yet, but that’s just because new stuff is always the most exciting!

Of the items that I already have in production, I think my two favorites are the Invader Helmet and Gladiator Pauldron. The Invader Helmet is one of my favorites because of all the different variations you can have by just switching the horns. Gladiators have always been one of my favorite things to turn LEGO minifigures into, so naturally the Gladiator Pauldron would also be one of my favorites.

Are you currently on any new projects?

Of course! I have over fifty items designed that are slated for mass production in the near future.

I feel like it’s my duty to the LEGO community to always be coming out with new, exciting pieces for them to enjoy, so I try to put as many new items into production as BrickWarriors can afford!

We would really like to thank Ryan for taking the time to be interviewed and be sure to check out BrickWarriors Flickr and

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BrickWarriors Resistance Trooper Pack 2012

BrickWarriors have just released the Resistance Trooper Pack 2012 which caters for all your sci-fi troopers need! Featuring 3 brand new guns the 10 items are:

– RT Helmet
– RT Armor
– Do Rag (tan)
– NEW Grinder Shotgun
– NEW Fire Breather
– NEW Resistance Sniper
– Impaler AR
– Ground Dweller BR
– Head Hunter Pistol
– Bowie Knife

Available in limited quantities all the pieces besides the Do-Rag are in charcoal. The manufacture of these custom design pieces are created specifically for LEGO minifigures using high quality injection molded ABS plastic.

The new designs looks awesome so don’t miss out, and they will be available online shortly from all official BrickWarriors resellers.

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Custom Minifig Brands Review

LEGO is one of the main sources for minifigures customisation however with an increasing demand for more specific pieces there are a number of high quality independent producers offering a range of fantastic weapons, parts, headgear and bodywear.

The manufacture of these custom design pieces are created specifically for LEGO minifigures using high quality injection molded ABS plastic.

These are the brands that we recommend, if you are not mentioned then get in touch.


Since 2006 Bluce Hsu has been creating a fantastic arrange of custom design Star Wars LEGO pieces which include Clone Trooper helmets, Mando helmets, Hair pieces, Jet Packs, Twi’lek heads, and Female torso’s.

See the full range of Arealight pieces now.


Run by Will Chapman, BrickArms specialise in original, custom designed LEGO compatible guns and custom minifigs. These include Machine Guns, miniguns, Rifles, Pistols, Bazookas, Grenades, Helmets and knives.

See the full range of BrickArms pieces now.


The mission of BrickForge is to fill in the gaps left open by LEGO and other brick-building companies. They offer a huge amount of pieces including Helmets, Armour, Guns, Swords, Bows, Axes, Hair pieces and Shields.


Run by Ryan Hauge, BrickWarriors send their custom designs to a professional tooler to be molded in steel and injected with ABS plastic. They offer a huge range of Helmets, Hats, Guns, Body Armour, Swords and Axes.

See the full range of BrickWarriors pieces now.


Run by Kevin Chu, BrickTW focuses on creating custom pieces for LEGO minifigures based on Oriental history. They offer a large range of Helmets, Spears, Swords, Body Armour, Shields, and Hair pieces.


SI-DAN offer a fantastic range of high quality Helmets, Body Armour, Gas Masks, Guns, Knives, Miniguns, Tactical vests, Shields and Backpacks.

The Little Arms Shop

The Little Arms Shop make pieces for the minifigure which are very detailed and of the highest quality possible. These include guns, and the hugely popular range of Star Wars blasters.

Tiny Tactical

Tiny Tactical offer a fantastic range of Military inspired pieces including Army Vests, Guns, Ammo, Radio’s, and Helmets.

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