Captured Treen Warrior custom minifig

Captured Treen Warrior custom minifig
Captured Treen Warrior custom minifig by JasBrick

its been a rather quite weekend in relation to custom minifigs, so at last i’ve got a nice custom minifig to show you and I’m really chuffed. here we have some nice paint work by jasbrick.

Jasbrick recently went to the bricktish event, and mentioned something about the purist movement in lego, as you’d expect I’m neither for or against it, after all there are great customs that use purist parts and great custom minifigs that done, at the end of the day, i very much doubt it’s something Lego as a company have control over or even care about, given that they are a multinational company with offices in euro and the states, and if anything cutting up a 2cm lego brick really isn’t the end of the world, after all if anything cutting up that brick only means you’ll go out and buy more lego bricks, making lego richer.

but what ever, at the end of the day its a self imposed restriction that really doesn’t matter much, so long as you’re enjoying it and not cutting off a finger, enjoy and play well.

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