Bullseye Custom Minifigures

Bullseye Custom Minifigures

LEGO game versions of the popular character Bullseye have been released by a number of top custom minifigure vendors. It is a shame that with so many characters to choose from we get 3 of the same one. All 3 of these minifigures are pad printed to the same quality of LEGO and are printed on brand new LEGO pieces, so which one would you choose?

From Left to Right – ChristoMuddy River MinifigsNACM)

I really like the boot printing of the Christo version, the head of the MRM version and the torso of the NACM version!

All 3 of these Bullseye Custom Minifigures are available to buy at Minifigures.co.uk while stocks last!


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