BrothersFigure Undead Stalker Custom Minifigure

BrothersFigure Undead Stalker Custom Minifigure

This Undead Stalker Custom Minifigure is inspired by the Black Lantern Martian Manhunter character and is the 12th minifigure release by BrothersFigure.

This pad printed minifigure features a double sided and double sided torso and comes with printing to the front, sides and back of the legs. The torso is also covered with a new “Diamond Coating” technique in the front and back to give the printing a clear edge! The legs are spray painted, while the capes is custom cut from the finest fabric. He looks perfect alongside the other Black Lantern custom minifigures.

Black Lantern Custom Minifigures

Limited to just 150 BrothersFigure decided to release just 10 every month to each of their resellers. For more details on availability visit now.

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