BrothersFigure Gold Diamond Empress

BrothersFigure Gold Diamond Empress

BrothersFigure as a thank you to all their customers are offering this pad printed Gold Diamond Empress for FREE.

Furious Lass and Torso

To get this minifigure you have to buy the Diamond Five. In the plastic box of each minifigure there is a part of the Gold Diamond Empress.

Furious Angel and Legs

All 5 custom minifigures have been released from the Diamond Five series by BrothersFigure and they included:

Undead Warchick – Hair.
Undead Warbird – Head.
Furious Angel – Legs.
Violet Falconer – Metal Plate and White Cloak.
Furious Lass – Torso.

The Gold Diamond Empress is limited to 200 so don’t miss out!

Violet Falconer with Card

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