Brixfiction Wasteland Custom Minifigures

The year is 2214 far away from earth, on a planet full of mineral resources and sundry groups of people. Here are two excellent Wasteland custom minifigures by Brixfiction.

Photo courtesy of Brixfiction

The Scarf Wasteland custom minifigure lives in the wastelands, they say he lost his nose in a fight and the bone on his knife belongs to his opponent! It features an Amazing Amory vest which has been modified and it is painted to a high quality. The stand-out feature is definitely the hands!

Photo courtesy of Brixfiction

This Chiara Wasteland Sniper custom minifigure is a badass sniper girl that hits you from behind! The hairpiece, armour and skirt are sculpted and removable. Again this is nicely painted including the rifle!

Two great minifigures!