Brikviet Naval Special Ops Unit

Brikviet Naval Special Ops Unit
Brikviet Naval Special Ops Unit by JasBrick

new custom minifig by jasbrick using brickarms, brickforge, and amazing armory custom minifig parts. looks cool, even better that this custom minifig has elements from all the key custom minifig accessory makers, and you have to agree they look really good together.

2 thoughts on “Brikviet Naval Special Ops Unit

  1. Don’t forget the holster from MMCB!

    I did not realise when I put this guy together that he was such a diverse mix of products. The fact that it contains items from most of the main custom suppliers completely escaped me until you pointed it out. Personally I think we are spoilt at the moment with so many talented people producing custom accessories…. Long may it continue!

  2. oopse, forgot about mmcb…you’re right Jasbrick, its great that we have so much choice these days with regards to all the different custom minifig accessories you can choose from

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