BrickWarriors September News And Competition

Photo courtesy of Thrashq4g

BrickWarriors have just released a massive range of 19 new LEGO compatible pieces, but you will have to be fast as they are selling out quick! Made from solid ABS plastic (the same LEGO uses) these are really high quality and will look great with your minifigures.

The new pieces are:

Jousting Helmet
Demon Helmet
Demon Armor
Sea People Helmet
Lobster Armor
Tower Shield
Demon Shield
Vambraces (sold out already)
Apoc Basher
Bear Trap
Crescent Axe
Nauhe II Sword
Loop Javelin
War Hook
Grinder Shotgun
Resistance Sniper
Fire Breather

These are available online from your official BrickWarriors reseller.

To celebrate their One Year Anniversary they are also holding a competition offering some amazing prizes. (Visit the BrickWarriors Forum for a full set of the rules and competition details).

To enter your task is to create two MOCs or Minifigures to show the difference one year can make.

Category 1 – Custom Minifigure:
Create a custom figure, and then show the same figure one year later. Feel free to include a back-story to explain the changes that your minifigure has undergone (although a back-story is not required).

Category 2 – MOC:
Create an MOC showing a scene, and then create another MOC showing that same place one year later. Each scene should be between 8×8 studs (vignette) and 32×32 studs.

The winners will win lots of BrickWarriors goodies including some top secret items!