BrickWarriors Ogres

Photo courtesy of Thrashq4g

The BrickWarriors Ogres have arrived! Available in four colours the armour covers the neck stud and then has two new necks protruding from the top.

Having one head is great, but having two heads is twice as good! With the ogre armour, your minifigures can now experience the joy of having two heads. The Ogre Armour is also reversible. One side features a large, ogre-sized belly while the other side gives your two headed ogre a more slim look.

Also check out the mohawks! They are available in a range of crazy colours!

Finally make sure your minifigures show some modesty with the loincloth, so they can now be more comfortable and look great!

These will be available online soon from your official BrickWarriors reseller.