BrickWarriors Hand Painted Custom Minifigures

Photo courtesy of Thrashq4g

BrickWarriors and BrickMercenaries have teamed to create 5 very awesome and very limited edition custom minifigures. These hand painted minifigures are Galaxy Enforcer, Dragon Knight, Assassin, Mercenary, and Android.

Galaxy Enforcer Custom Minifigure

Protect the galaxy with the brave Galaxy Enforcer! Watch out for acid-spitting aliens though, each figure is slightly different, especially the acid damage effect on the armour.

Dragon Knight Custom Minifigure

Many brave knights have tried to slay the fearsome Dragon Knight, but all have failed.

Assassin Custom Minifigure

The tiniest cut from the Assassin’s deadly poison dagger can kill the healthiest of minifigs in a matter of minutes.

Mercenary Custom Minifigure

Your army will thank you for hiring this mercenary. If his perfectly quaffed lime green Mohawk isn’t enough to scare the enemy, his RPG will certainly get the job done!

Android Custom Minifigure

You might think that the Android would lack the depth perception required for accurate sniping since he only has one eye. You’d be wrong.

You can get these now at the BrickWarriors web site.