BrickWarriors Demon Pack 2012

BrickWarriors have yet again released a pack full of amazing LEGO compatible pieces. Targetted at fans of the new The Lord of the Rings LEGO sets the Demon Pack includes armour, shield and axes. So whether you are hunting Hobbits or Orcs update your minifigures now.

Photo courtesy of Thrashq4g

The new pieces look fantastic and are:

Demon Helmet (NEW)
Demon Armor (NEW)
Demon Shield (NEW)
Crescent Axe (NEW)
Battle Damaged Skull Crusher
Minotaur Head
Assassin Mask
Dervish Blade
2 Crescent Horns (white)
Spike (white)

All items except the Crescent Horns and Spike are in the new charcoal colour. Also includes a collectors card with front and back printing.

If you live in the UK they will be available online soon from your official BrickWarriors reseller.