BrickForge Weapons

BrickForge have just released a huge range of high quality LEGO compatible guns and weapons to give all your custom minifigures the gear they need.

This visor attaches exclusively to the BrickForge Tactical Helmet and load up with the Pump-Action Shotgun which is wonderful for close-quarters fighting and get the job done with the utterly menacing Outland Ripper.

Every ready for action minifigure needs a  Survival Knife and keep a Kukri Machete handy for lopping off anything that gets in your way! Finally the best selling Shredder Gun will have your enemies scattering for cover!

Stock up on the new range of guns, as let’s be honest, your minifigure can never have enough fire power!New pieces include the Anti-Material Sniper rifle, Canister Gun, Flamespitter, Automag, and Intergalactic 8-Gauge.

Finally if conventional guns aren’t good enough then blast your enemies with this cool ray-gun and pulse ray available in a range of colours.

These are all available online now from your official BrickForge reseller.