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We have an exciting update from Brickforge that will LEGO Star Wars fans very excited. Here is a sneak preview of their new range of 11 Star Wars guns with descriptions, and they look awesome! The small details on the these high quality pieces stand-out especially the Clone Rifle, Headhunter Quickshot, and Smuggler Special.

Brickforge Clone Rifle. The Clone Rifle is one of the standard issue weapons for clone troopers. Much larger than its Clone Blaster cousin it has proven superiority on the battlefield against mechanized foes and larger biological beasts. On maximum power, a single shot from the Clone Rifle’s powerful blue plasma bolts could leave a 0.5 meter hole in any wall; meaning its more than capable of penetrating the armor of most infantry personnel. Holding the trigger down produces rapid, sustained fire, with the drawback of decreased accuracy.

Brickforge Advanced Recon Striker. Primarily used by advanced recon troops the Advanced Recon Striker can be calibrated to fire different modes making it a true versatile battlefield weapon. A variety of attachments can be added making it not only useful in providing rapid fire but effective against heavily armored enemies.

Brickforge Commando Carbine. The Commando Carbine is a configurable combat weapons system used by the elite commandos. An adaptable weapon, the carbine was capable of fulfilling multiple combat roles due to its ability to reconfigure into either a standard blaster rifle, a compact sniper rifle, or an anti-armor grenade launcher, depending upon the needs of the user. These traits make the Command Carbine invaluable to its owners, and the reason why it has proven to be a dangerous weapon on countless battlefields across the galaxy.

Brickforge Clone Blaster. Despite the superior power of the Clone Rifle, many clone units prefer to use the lighter, more compact Clone Blaster carbine. The smaller model is less bulky and easier to maneuver when engaging in close combat in the cramped confines of indoor structures or star ship corridors. Not a true repeating blaster, it can still handle braced firing much better than its larger cousin – with more accuracy and less prone to overheating – causing a few troopers to dual wield a pair during evacuation measures.

Brickforge Droid Blaster. Because the federation required several million units for the robot army, the Droid Blaster needed to be lightweight and economical. Intended for use by non-living wielders many features were able to be removed, resulting in a highly-powerful, lightweight but relatively inaccurate weapon. Having a short barrel and no cooling cell might inconvenience a human soldier, but battle robots won’t complain.

Brickforge Headhunter Quickshot. Any bounty hunter worth their salt prepares for any encounter well ahead of time – utilizing the galaxy’s most sophisticated gadgetry & equipment. Firepower is a necessity, but intimidation and skullduggery win battles. Brandish the big gun but keep smaller, deadly instruments discreetly concealed. The Headhunter Quickshot both intimidates possible challengers and works well as a one-handed boomstick when bringing in bounties.

Brickforge Enforcer Gun. The outer rim is littered with bodyguards who swear allegiance to various crime lords. If you don’t want to end up rancor fodder, you better be sportin’ some firepower. Considered sub-par and inexpensive, the Enforcer Gun still generates enough kick to knock down attempted assassins and meddlesome space knights. Highly disposable, and quite ubiquitous it’s not difficult to find a spare when visiting any number of wretched hives of scum and villainy.

Brickforge Imperial Blaster. Standard issue of imperial troops, the Imperial Blaster was a powerful, light and compact weapon. It was designed to alternate between semi-automatic, fully-automatic and pulse-fire settings. A highly versatile design the Imperial Blaster spawned many variations as underscored by the collapsible stock and scope details.

Brickforge Ionizer. Put peksy robots and cranky cyborgs in their place with the Ionizer. A favorite among desert scavengers, the Ionizer fires ion energy rather than blaster bolts. Mostly Harmless to organics a blast from the Ionizer disrupts electrical systems, overrides charges and melts fuses, destroying circuits and effectively rendering any kind of technology useless. Ideal against mechanized forces or for collecting scrap to push onto poor moisture farmers.

Brickforge Scout Pistol. Easily concealed, the Scout Pistol can be quickly exposed for rapid-fire confrontations. Used in close-combat firefights, the pistol features a short barrel, side-mounted scope and pressure sensitive trigger area. It won’t take down a heavily armored combatant, but is great for a quick distraction or cover fire.

Brickforge Smuggler Special. Find yourself pressed into an unknown space-station corridor with no way out? At the very least the Smuggler Special will provide a bit of cover fire to make your escape. A very highly modifiable and accurate blaster pistol, the Smuggler Special packs a heavy punch compared to other pistols, which makes it a prime choice among many space pirates.

These will be available online soon from your official Brickforge reseller.

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