BrickForge STAR Patrol

BrickForge STAR Patrol
Photo courtesy of BrickForge

STAR Patrol is the latest faction from BrickForge and they are a galactic team comprised of 6 different characters or ‘Super Soldiers’ whose mission it is to protect key areas of the Solar System. They are Analyst, Assualt Pursuit, Deadshot, Reaper and Stronghold Security.

S.T.A.R Patrol is reminiscent of the early 80?s toy themes; I’m also a fan of the new STAR Citizen Kickstarter campaign. I was shooting for a ‘Red Planet’ type concept where the characters needed some sort of Hydro-Cooling tank on their backs to survive the dry, arid temperatures of their base planet. The Dark Red, Gold & Trans Light Blue color scheme really made sense. – Armothe

These minifigures come with a cool array of guns and accessories and the Dark Red, Gold & Trans Light Blue colour scheme really stands-out!

The STAR Patrol will be available online soon from your official Brickforge reseller.