BrickForge Shock Trooper Armour

Time to update your Halo 3 Marines or Space Marines with these fantastic new arrivals from BrickForge. They are available in a range of colours and insignias.

Photo courtesy of BrickForge

Caught in a hail fire of bombs, bullets and projectiles? Look up and you will see a squad of Shock Troopers dropping out of orbit to save the day. Suit up with the Shock Trooper Armor and avoid being sent back to the last checkpoint by a stray round. The Armour features unique ABS construction and includes stylish details such as angular pauldrons, chest plate and a rear-mounted 5mm 1×1 connection point so you can accessorize. Available in Red Phoenix, Dark Blueish Grey, Olive Green, Steel Scorpion, and Silver Wolf.

Photo courtesy of BrickForge

Put on the Shock Trooper Helmet and submerge yourself into survival mode where its kill or be killed. This helmet features a sleek design and printed visor area to help recreate your favorite battle-ready environment and complete the mission without any casualties. Available in Dark Blueish Gray with Cobalt Visor, Dark Tan with Steel Visor, Dark Blueish Gray with Red Visor, White with Silver Visor, and Olive Green with Gold Visor.

These will be available online soon from your official Brickforge reseller.