BrickForge Masks

The BrickForge Tactical Helmet offers state-of-the-art protection including rounded skull base and upper front lip area. What is really exciting is the new design goes a step further and has a shaped area for standard visor attachments. So now you can connect these exclusive visor and mask pieces.

This BrickForge Apoc Mask gives a doomsday survivor an effective way to combat post-det radiation, biological agents and other airborne, toxic substances. The Apoc Mask may not provide protection against an actual meltdown, but it will give your minifigures the intimidating look they need against their enemies.

The BrickForge Ballistic Mask is part of your personal protection gear made in a way to protect the face from explosives, shrapnel and other such ballistic threats. The Ballistic Mask snaps directly onto our Tactical Helmet so you can pose your minifigures engaging in a mini-shootout or avoiding simulated explosive rounds on the battlefield.

The BrickForge Gas Mask forms a sealed cover to protect your minifigure from inhaling harmful dusts, fumes, vapors, and toxic gasses. Whether your staging an urban riot or post-apoc display.

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