BrickForge Doomsday Alien Attack 2012

Photo courtesy of BrickForge

Created in conjunction with BrickCon, register for the event and you will receive the Doomsday Alien Attack 2012 by BrickForge for free. The pack comes with a nice collection of LEGO compatible pieces.

Photo courtesy of BrickForge

Featuring a Dark Purple Shock Trooper Helmet with Lime visor, Dark Purple Shock Trooper Armor with Lime highlights and Silver ‘SHUUURG’ emblem, Lime Green Raygun and Spike Grenade, as well as a Trans Purple Pulse Ray. There is also a Laser Beam and Laser Sword which are not pictured.

If you are not attending the event, fear not as this pack will be passed to your official BrickForge resellers.

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