BrickArms M16 Rifle

We thought we would give you a heads up on these amazing new M16 custom rifles by BrickArms which will be released towards the end of this month.

The four new custom molded rifles in the M16 family are:

M16-DBR (Door Breaching Rifle)
M16-AGL (Advanced Grenade Launcher)
M110-SASS (Semi Automatic Sniper System)

They will definitely be going on my wish list!

See the full range of weapons by BrickArms now.

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  1. enigmabadger says:

    If anyone doesn’t feel like waiting until the end of the month, all of the BrickArms M16 variants above will be available from all official BrickArms resellers starting Feb 10

    A full list of all official BrickArms resellers can be found here:

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