Brickarms Custom Gatling Cannon

These Brickarms Custom Gatling Cannon’s by PEDRO-79 are brilliant and what is really cool is he has provided a simple tutorial picture on how to build your own!

Pedro used used superglue and some modeling clay to fill in voids in the TLC piece then glued all the pieces together. He used a hobby knife for all the cutting and then sanded the rough areas so they fit together nicely. (You may need to ask your parents to do the cutting)

The paint work on these cannons is amazing the bottom one is Mr.color metallic bronze as the base and the top one is Mr. color metallic dark iron as the base and then he used Citadel brown and a little blazing orange slightly mixed together, but still being able to see portions of the orange.

Finally with a small textured sponge he dabbed it in paint and then randomly dabbed the gun.

As you can see the results were amazing!