BrickArms Auto-9 Prototype Mold

BrickArms Auto-9 Prototype Mold
BrickArms Auto-9 Prototype Mold by enigmabadger

this is the two part mold used by brickarms to make their custom minifig weapons, via an injection mold process pretty much the same as how lego do it. and as it so happens how Amazing armory do it. now this is a two part mold, its dirt cheap – literally, the mold will be around $xx,xxx but you can literally produce xxx,xxx with four to a mold its around x,xxx,xxx in turnover if you manage to sell all of it and ‘expire the mold. pretty amazing stuff. now, a two part mold can only really make simple designs because of the way the mold opens. to give you an example in the case of amazing armory items 4 even 5 part molds are some times used, obviously the more parts to a mold the more detailed and expensive it gets.

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