Brick Warriors Chains to Champions Board Game

Brick Warriors Chains to Champions Board Game

We are really excited to announce that BrickWarriors have just released their very own custom board game – Chains to Champions which combines mathematical probability with human ingenuity to create a strategy game that is unique each time you play.

Chains to Champions consists of three phases:

Phase 1 – Purchase a gladiator at an auction,
Phase 2 – Equip your gladiator with weapon’s, helmets, armour, and training
Phase 3 – Players fight to the death in the Arena. The last man standing wins!

The game includes 6 unreleased Training Dummies and 22 other BrickWarriors pieces – which makes buying the game a better deal than getting those items individually!

Brick Warriors Chains to Champions Game Pieces

Players: 2-6
Ages: 14+
Playing Time: 40 Minutes

1 Gameboard (The Arena)
22 Brick Warriors pieces:

6 Training Dummies
Crescent Horns
Ram Horns
Minotaur Head
Bladed Helm
Rhino Helmet
Invader Helmet
Assassin Mask
Celestial Crown
Goblin Helmet
Muscled Cuirass
Horned Plate Armor
Gladiator Pauldron
Assassin Dagger
Minotaur Axe
Gladiator Axe
Dervish Blade
Spiked Mace
Skull Crusher
Boot Wings
Trojan Shield

36 Value 1 Coins
18 Value 3 Coins
1 Score Pad
96 Cards
6 Dice

Grab the game now at the BrickWarriors Online Shop.