Boys of the 501st Airborne Custom Minifigures

Boys of the 501st Airborne Custom Minifigures
Photo courtesy of Hammerstein NWC

The 501st are one of the only recognisable American Units still left fighting the War. Following the “Incident” in Russia, all the Allied powers officially laid down their arms to avoid a similar fate. As his last act in power President Roosevelt sanctioned a splinter resistance force just before he succumbed to a zombie bite…

The 501 is the first US unit to desegregate race, realising that Nazi Germany has allied itself with an extraterrestrial and therefore people of different skin colours are far less of a worry than they had originally thought.

Pictured here left to right are the boys of the 501st Airborne.

Corporal radio operator – Frank “Old Boy” Henderson
Private Moses “MoJo” Johnson
Captain – William “Wild Bill” Hancock
Private Zeke “Stinky Z” Dickinson
MP – Hank “Evil Eye” Bertram
Private Samuel “The Mule” Anderson (kneeling)
Private – Ricky “The Tank” Fowler
Private – Johnny “Bucky” Youngbuck (with knife)
Private – Jake “Hotsauce” Carter

This is a great set of custom minifigures with the Wright Brother Orville printed torso, and a nice variety of custom guns.