Border Patrol Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of Bricks&Stones

This Border Patrol Custom Minifigure is another great minifigure showcasing a great combinations of LEGO pieces custom printed and made by a number of top third party designers.

The Boobie hat can be bought online at ToyWiz, and the Balaclava head is by eclipseGrafx. The torso and arms are from the Hunter – In The Flesh custom minifigure, and the legs are from the Apoc Drifter custom minifigure, both from eclipseGrafx.

The pistol is from Tiny Tactical and the rifle from BrickArms with a stand by GI Brick.

Once you start collecting custom minifigures, after a while you have a good collection which you can take a part and use your imagination to create new minifigures and never get bored of seeing the same one!