Boba Fett Painted Custom Minifigure

Boba Fett Painted Custom Minifigure
Photo courtesy of GIOVANNI

This Boba Fett Painted Custom Minifigure is a high quality production sculpted minifigure by GIOVANNI which when painted looks amazing.

The jet pack is removable, giving him different options for display by drilling a hole in his back and gluing a peg into the jet pack.

The EE-3 rifle is made of multiple Brickarms guns. GIOVANNI used the Springfield for the scope, Magnum for the body, the DH-17 for the barrel and a Sabr Shotgun for the stock.

The contrasting painted colour scheme always looks great on Boba Fett. The orange shoulder pads and green armuor plating really blend in well with the grey under-suit.

Overall the detailing on the sculpt looks fantastic and the paintwork makes him easily recognisable. I especially like the battle worn areas.

Well done!