Blood Bath Custom Minifigure

This Blood Bath custom minifigure by Deltaforceguy has been fantastically painted.

They say he painted the red of his armor with the blood of his victims. They say he carries a stolen riot shield with tally marks counting how many people owe him. They say he’ll kill anyone as long as he gets paid…….They say everything. I didnt believe them. I thought he was just a myth………I was wrong. And because of my stupidty im just a body without arms or legs…I was wrong. Blood Bath is real. He works for the US. They send him out to hunt down and kill soviet spies…like me…I was wrong….

It’s great when a customizer adds a story with their minifig, as they you can see the overall picture they had in mind. The combination of armour, helmet, riot shield and sniper rifle work well together however its the paint work that really stand-out.

The blood splattered riot shield is brilliant as well as blood on his armour!

Great work!

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