Battlefield 3 Recon Class Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of KalSkirata

The Recon in Battlefield 3 is the sniper class soldier who is well suited for long range combat with an assortment of sniper rifles, although it doesn’t mean he is limited to that role. He can also use a semi automatic sniper rifle with less powerful scope.

This Battlefield 3 Recon Class Custom Minifigure has been created with several sculpted pieces, including the keffiyeh, with goggles, kneepad, gloves and dump pouch. The headset, and the watch which has been modified into the a GPS are by Minifig.Cat, while the HK417 is a BA M110 receiver with a TT RIS, barrel and a modified TT stock. The fast magazines were made with TT AR magazines.

What really stands-out with this minifig is the quality of the painting. The colours all work well together and this looks a very high quality piece!