Battlefield 3 Engineer Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of KalSkirata

Battlefield 3 is the eleventh installment in the Battlefield franchise and this Engineer Custom Minifigure looks really good. This minifig features ESB written on the goggle straps, EOD written on AR mag pouch patch, has a sculpted crowbar on the backpack, and goggles on the back of the cap.

KalSkirata has used a different drybrushing technique on the stock of the M4 than on the main body because its polymer and not metal. The grenade pouches are sculpted as well as the soft pouch on the very left.

Overall this minifigures has a great combination of pieces and is painted to a very high standard and the camouflage design really stands out. The set up looks great with the crates and LEGO bushes and there are some very nice weapons on show.

Overall a great job!

2 thoughts on “Battlefield 3 Engineer Custom Minifigure

  1. Hi, I’m am a fan of your creations and I’m very interest in your Battlefield 3 Engineer Custom Minifigure. I was wondering if you are interest in selling it to me. Please write back. – Marcos Lora

  2. Hi Marcus,
    I would not sell this special fig as I would like to keep it for my own collection. A possibility would be that I make another one. However, the problem here is that I do not have all the parts right now that would be required to make another one.
    And I did not plan on making any orders in the next time.

    If you want to know more or hear about other possibilities, my name on Skype is kalskirataz. You can simply text me there.

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