BAPs by blacklight

BAPs by blacklight
BAPs by blacklight by Catsy [CSF]

whole variety of brickarms custom minifig parts made from the new glow in the dar material shown under black light, interestingly i find there’s some pretty stong detail on the tron disks.

The top three chakram are trans-neon-green, which is why the center one is washed out–it’s bright. The bottom three chakram are GitD, with the ones on the right and left slightly marbled with some metallic.

The bottom right pod gun is the only one that is true GitD. The other four are all various colors marbled with trans-neon-green, which isn’t immediately obvious in visible light. The one on the right is trans-red and trans-neon-green, the two on the left are cobalt and trans-neon-green.

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