Avatar Jake Sully Custom Minifigure

Avatar Jake Sully Custom minifigure
Photo courtesy of R.Goff1

Jake Sully is the protagonist of Avatar. He is a paralyzed renegade Marine veteran who defects to the Na’vi race. Jake learns the ways of the Na’vi hunters from Neytiri and falls in love with her. He is eventually accepted into the Omaticaya clan and becomes Neytiri’s mate.

This Avatar Jake Sully Custom Minifigure is sculpted from from ProCreate, with the odd detail made from Fimo and looks amazing. The hair and feather detailing take this minifigure to the next level and painted to a very high standard, while the use of bright colours really stands-out.

The face is fantastic along with the dagger. I am sure anyone who is a fan of Avatar would love to have this custom minifigure in their collection!