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AMazing Armory Custom – Hazel’s custom minifigs

One of the Most elusive custom minifig modders I’ve come across is Hazel, I can’t seem to find much on they guy, other that some of the most incredible and detailed custom minifigs I’ve ever come across, it seems that Hazel is based out of south east asia, in Hong Kong and/or Japan, and with classic asian skill in detail the figures that really made an impact on the custom minifig community were Hazel’s gears of war custom minifigs, Hazel was associated with Amazing Armoury and most of Hazel’s custom minifigs are shown with the tag – ‘custom by Hazel’

Hazel usually goes by Hazel – Fantasy and his works include MOCs, custom minfigs and custom minifig parts and weapons. His work has also been featured in Dengeki Brick magazine in 2008 (issue 12).

The custom parts by Hazel seem to be made in small custom runs and are probably highly sought after collectibles.

I’m trying to get in touch with Hazel to do an interview and also to buy some of his work, so if any of you have every dealt with Hazel, please do get in touch!

Gears of war lego minifig

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Lego custom minifigs based on film characters

Lego custom minifigs based on film characters

(Lego, custom, minifigs, film, characters by Legohaulic)

This is an awesome collection of custom minifigs I can accross on the web, the Lego custom minifigs shown here all use generic Lego minfig parts with the exception of BrickArms weapons, rubber bands and a Lego sticker for an eyepatch.

You can prombably make out The Terminator, Bruce Lee, Rambo and the Lone ranger amongst other. And whats really cool about this collection of minifigs is that it shows you can create some fantastic custom minfigs just by putting together the right combination of existing Lego minifig parts, you don’t have to get custom decals made up.

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Collectable Gold C3PO minifig

Collectable Gold C3PO minifig

This is a totally collectable Gold C3PO one of only 10,000 C3PO Lego minifigs to have been casted, whilst its not a custom minifig, it does show how different casting material can make a real difference to a minifig, and admit it, its pretty darn cool. The collectable Gold C3PO was randomly inserted into selected Lego Sets and is now said to be worth over $200, pretty impressive for an inch tall minifig.

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Custom minifig fire extinguisher

Custom minifig fire extinguisher

(Custom minifig fire extinguisher by unknown)

This custom minifig hods a custom made unique and minifig scale fire extinguisher, Lego have previously created standard fire extimguishers for minifgs, but this custom one is more aestetically unique and far my dynamic, it adds a little bit more to a scene than simply using the standard minifig fire extinguisher from Lego

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Custom minifig accessory mobile phone

Custom minifig accessory mobile phone

(Custom minifig accessory mobile phone by unknown)

Part of customizing Lego minifigs is customizing the Lego accessories that the minifig uses, these minifig accessory customizations can be really bold and obvious, or more subtle like this minifig mobile phone with retractable antenna, it’s a simple custom job but tells more about the minifig and makes the minifig more interesting and unique.

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